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A lunchtime Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is in session at the historic John Street Methodist Church in the financial district of downtown New York City.  Bill, a highly successful Wall Street stockbroker and atheist, encounters a mysterious presence at the A.A. meeting who catapults him down a rabbit hole of repressed memories, regret and ultimately toward self acceptance. After being arrested for his second DUI in which he injured an 8-year old girl and critically injured her father, Bill is faced with an urgent choice:  continue to follow his current life philosophy, or accept a higher power that might save his life.  Which will he choose?

Meet the Writer

Randy Messersmith is a filmmaker based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After working as a professor of Theatre and Film in higher education for 30 years, and in the entertainment industry for 42 years as an actor, live theatre director, fight choreographer and artistic director of two outdoor Shakespeare festivals, he decided it was time to start his own film production company.  LuckyStory Productions LLC is dedicated to producing films based on personal, universal life moments that are life-changing events worthy of a compelling story.

Festival Honors

EXCEPTIONAL MERIT - Depth of Field International Film Festival - 2023.png
Oregon Short Film Festival Summer 2021 Best Dark Drama Screenplay Winner Laurel White.png

Photo Stills

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